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Some of us choose to pack our vacation days full of adventures we can’t find in the day-to-day, and some of us choose to do a whole lot of nothing with our free time. Either way, vacation is vacation and it’s time well spent. It’s a restoration of the soul. And in Montana’s Yellowstone Country, you’ll be hard pressed not to find things to do that fit your idea of getting away. There’s wild country and tamed terrain to explore (all year long), like the supervolcano that is Yellowstone National Park—a remarkable display of nature’s raw beauty and power. And there’s a world beyond the park, too. Vast lands of pristine wilderness and captivating small-town communities. There’s a ski lift chair with your name on it at and an empty barstool for you at a local brewhouse taproom. There’s a cabin for you in the middle of nowhere or a hotel for you in the center of a town. There’s a getaway for you in Yellowstone Country, no matter how you get away.

Family vacations are made here, too. Find fun things to do with kids in Yellowstone Country, local places to visit, Montana attractions and Yellowstone National Park, America’s first national park.

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Things to do
Things To Do