Yellowstone Country Backstories

How Dedicated Montanans Inspire the Soul of the Land

We often say that our small towns are the heart of Yellowstone Country, but what makes them so special are the people who call them home—the hard-working, fiercely dedicated folks who are so passionate about this amazing place, they’re committed to protecting, preserving, exploring and celebrating it. These folks live here because they love it here, and they understand the value of open space, natural resources, wildlife habitat, big skies, peace and quiet, walking in the woods, unplugging in order to connect. Yellowstone Country is pretty darn phenomenal on its own, but it’s got soul because of these fine individuals.

MacNeil Lyons

MacNeil Lyons:
Yellowstone Insight

MacNeil Lyons

MacNeil Lyons owns Yellowstone Insight, offering private guided tours of Yellowstone National Park. Lyons’ trademark is his individualized dedication to visitor experience. Lyons’ passion for the park and all of Montana shines through in his in-depth, educational and thought-provoking tours. His goal is to cultivate in others a lasting appreciation of the beauty of the world’s natural resources, whether he’s showing visitors the geological wonders, human history, American Indian history, or wildlife of the park.



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