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Yellowstone is more than a park. In Montana, it's an entire country.

Montana’s Yellowstone Country is open.

Adventure north beyond the geysers in Montana. The allure of Yellowstone’s sublime landscape is rendered even more exquisite by undiscovered small towns and outdoor bliss. It’s the perfect place to come out of hibernation mode and get some face time with the great outdoors. Fish, float and frolic in famous, winding rivers and unwind in valleys that go on forever. Hike, bike and wander the great wild open you’ve been missing out on, and stargaze the sparkliest night sky you’ll ever see. It’s all waiting in Montana. Come see what you’re missing just a little north of Yellowstone.

Rural communities

Rural communities

Just as captivating as Montana’s natural landscapes are its small-town communities. Experience local vibes with incredible views.

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Hot Springs

Hot Springs

These transcendent geothermal pools offer relaxation, rejuvenation, and the chance to redefine what matters most. Soak in the spirit of Montana in a Yellowstone Country hot spring.

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Warm Season in Action

Warm Season in Action

Discover the great wild open north of the park, where wanderlust meets awe. Frolic in a fabled small town, a winding river, or a valley that goes on forever.

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