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Rising Son Outfitters

COMBINATION ELK/DEER HUNTS are offered from either the ranch or our wilderness camps. We book low numbers of hunters each week to ensure that every client receives the quality hunt they deserve.

RIFLE SEASON begins the last week of October and runs through the month of November. During our RANCH HUNTS, hunters stay in a gorgeous log cabin where quite often, elk and deer are spotted right from the front porch. Warm hospitality provides them with home cooked meals. Gentle ranch horses are used to reach prime hunting spots. From there, we hunt on foot and carefully glass to locate game. If you want to experience a WILDERNESS HUNT, our wilderness camps are located in some of the most pristine country in the world. The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness is massive, with an unbelievable amount of perfect elk and mule deer habitat. For the individual who has ever dreamed of hunting in extremely remote and rugged country for a trophy bull elk or high country muley, this is the challenge for you.

ARCHERY SEASON is open from September to mid-October. Archery hunting takes place on private land and in the wilderness. The ELK HUNTING is outstanding because hunts are scheduled during the peak of the rut. Elk calls are primarily used to lure bulls within range. Providing close range shots of thirty yards or less has contributed greatly to our success in harvesting many impressive bulls. WHITETAIL DEER HUNTING in the low country provides a change of pace. Tree stands are placed before season in prime locations to intercept alfalfa-crazed bucks.

SPRING BLACK BEAR SEASON is open from mid-April to mid-June. Generally, we choose to hunt bears in May. During this time, the bears are just coming out of hibernation in search of lush, tender feed. Montana has a fair chase law, which prohibits the use of dogs or bait. We locate the majestic bears by glassing from vantage points and then plan our stalk. This is an exciting method of hunting, and our success has been high. The bears here are unique in that they come in a variety of colors.

MOUNTAIN GOAT SEASON runs from September through November. Goat hunting in the jagged peaks is awesome and very challenging. Before scheduling a hunt, one must obtain a special drawing license.

For more information on hunts, licensing, or reservations please call Randy or Dena Petrich at 406-333-4624. We would love to visit with you!


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