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Lamar Valley Touring

Lamar Valley Touring

Wildlife advocate, environmentalist and tour professional, Audra is dedicated to sharing unique experiences with her guests who come from all over the world to view the impressive display of animal species in Yellowstone’s Northern Range.

This passion was honed during Christmas of 2009 when Audra received a gift from her “roving naturalist” mother that would change the trajectory of her life: A week of watching and learning about wildlife at the Lamar Valley Buffalo Ranch. Surrounded by bison, reintroduced wolves and grizzly bears was beyond her imagination but five years later, after selling Modern Mermaids, her nontoxic cleaning products company, she headed West to Montana for a three-month hiatus. What initially was to be a summer adventure evolved into almost a decade of unexpected and enchanting events that has led to her immersion into all things “Yellowstone”, as a researcher, educator, and guide.

Audra has a B.S. degree in communications, is a graduate of the International Guide Academy, and is Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and ‘Leave No Trace’ certified. In addition to guiding and operating Lamar Valley Touring, Audra has led Grandparent/Grandchildren trips to all corners of the park for Road Scholar and Student Trips for Global Travel Alliance. She’s had the pleasure of working with people of all ages from all over the world and believes that, “Every person should visit Yellowstone at least once in their lifetime and it is my heartfelt joy when I can be a part of their experience”.

Traveling between Montana and the East Coast to visit with family, Audra is always ready to talk about Yellowstone and its beautiful wildlife inhabitants.


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