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Wiley Ranch

Wiley Ranch

Wiley Ranch
The Wiley Ranch is steeped in pioneer history - 14,000 acres of cattle country made up of seven homestead sites dating back almost 100 years. Guests enjoy a real hands-on working ranch experience and the opportunity to share the family's special love of the West and their way of life.

This civic minded ranch family is well respected in the cattle industry. They are active members of the Montana Branded Beef Association, and Kathy is currently president of the Montana CattleWomen. Scott is a member of the cultural exchange program known as Provider Pals providing urban children contact with ranching culture while building a bridge of mutual respect and understanding of the rancher as good steward of the land.

Located in the Bull Mountains, you'll see long needle pines dotting the landscape, majestic bluffs overlooking grasslands and cattle grazing. This is a working ranch and Scott, Kathy and daughter Mandy (age 13) keep very active with seasonal ranch chores running 350 to 450 head of cattle. Guests enjoy not only the spirit of the family, but also all of the activities that are associated with cattle ranching today.

The Wiley Ranch season varies from the other Montana Bunkhouse ranches because they calve later in the year.

Fall is a magical time on the ranch with calving during September and October and branding around Halloween. They still do 'rope and drag' brandings and Kathy says 'you'll never get Scott to change that!'

Plenty of riding opportunities working cattle throughout the year. (Very small numbers and no head to tail riding.)

You'll pass Indian pictographs on your way to check the cattle's water supply or when riding herd health.

Watch for elk, antelope, deer and wild turkeys in the meadows when the wildlife comes out to graze in the evening. Enjoy the sport of calling coyotes and target practicing.

Sit in the hot tub in the evening and listen to the hoot owls talk to each other while you talk over the day's ranch activities.

Suggested Excursion:
Custer's Battlefield is only a couple hours away.

Two guest rooms (double and two twins) with private bath are located in the upstairs of the ranch house.

There are also sleeping quarters (double and bunk beds) and a living space in the daylight basement where you'll have access to a washer and dryer in addition to a private bathroom.

Working ranch vacation package, $200 per person per day inclusive with discounts for extended stays.



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