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133 East Main Street Bozeman, MT 59715

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Thomas Nygard is the principal of the Thomas Nygard Gallery and has a developed a reputation as having one of the keenest eyes for quality fine art in the business. Mr. Nygard came to Bozeman, Montana in 1971 pursing a slice of the West and an art education. After graduating in 1975, Tom purchased a print and frame shop, The Artist's Union Gallery. The business soon evolved into a gallery with an emphasis on sporting art, which made sense for Tom's outdoor interests. Soon after, the name was changed to the Thomas Nygard Gallery and he began specializing exclusively in historical art by the best-known, deceased Western painters. Tom has a fervent and vested interest in history. The gallery is strategically located in historic downtown Bozeman, and displays one of the finest collections of western, wildlife and sporting art in the country.

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