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Fishtail General Store

Fishtail General Store

We're located in south-central Montana in the foothills of the northern Rocky Mountains of the USA. Fishtail is smack in the middle of the finest hunting, trout fishing, skiing and eye-popping scenery on the planet. Since its opening in 1900, The Fishtail General Store has been operating in the same location in Fishtail, Montana.

This is truly a "general" store with a bit of everything including food and drink, clothing, hardware (a huge selection; you'll be amazed), camping, hunting and fishing supplies; hunting and fishing licenses. There's a selection of antiques, handmade crafts, toys, wall hangings, candles and soaps made by local folks. Also a great gift section.

You'll love the old meat market section of the store which features its world famous "Fishtail General Store Special Sausage", a delicacy treasured by its regular customers. Also in the meat shop are the best steaks around, and you can still have meat cut and sliced the way that you like. We carry a full line of grocery items, as well as pies, cinnamon rolls, pizzas, deli sandwiches made to order, and other goodies. The store offers hand-dipped ice cream cones, and if you're under the age of 9 you can get a cone for only 25 cents.

We have a huge wooden table with benches in the back of the store where you can sit and rest for a spell - you can read the newspaper, have something to drink, eat, or just visit. Oh, and while you're sitting, find a spot on our table to carve your autograph!

At the Fishtail General Store you will always be met with a smile and friendly staff who really want to help and serve you. If you need something or are just plain curious, it's a fun place to browse. And, if you're lucky, you'll get fresh baked cinnamon, warm from the oven!


 35 West Main
Fishtail, MT 59028


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