Notes from the Road: Welcome to Montana

Montana’s Yellowstone Country, to be exact.

There’s a myth going around that Montanans are a little unusual. That we ride horses to work and we don’t have indoor plumbing and the whole state is closed in the winter (what? And miss a ski season?).

And while none of those are true, we’ll be the first ones to tell you: we’re definitely not your typical neighbors.

We’re up at dawn to get in a ski before work. We’ve been known to schedule brunch at the top of a mountain and our idea of relaxing is a hot soak after a chilly hike. First dates are best held on the trail, and dinner plans might get delayed because, well, dinner is crossing the road. We play hooky to fly fish and raise our kids to know exactly what it means to live in harmony with nature (really, so they don’t terrorize the deer hanging out in the backyard).

Oh, and did we mention the scenery?

The way we see it, Montana’s Yellowstone Country is America’s best-kept secret. 

And like any good group of Montanans, we’re inviting you in. We want you to see it the way we do. And we want you to feel completely at home while you’re here.

What you’ll find within these posts is the local lore spread around Yellowstone Country. It’s the chatter overheard on barroom stools, dog park benches, coffee shop lines and, yes, definitely chairlift seats.

It’s the “big city” talk and the “small town” gossip.

It’s the new local microbrew. The one you just heard about from those two diehards who skinned past you at breakneck pace on their way up Beehive Basin (happens to the best of us, champ).

It’s the best place to snag original wildlife art in Livingston, grab a post-ski pizza in Red Lodge, hear a lecture in Bozeman, or sip a beer anywhere in between (and when we find one that’s even better, you’ll be the first to know).

So, pull up your chair and put up your feet while we stoke the fire and wax enthusiastic (speaking of waxing, feel free to do a little prep work on your skis or snowboards, too). We’ll be here every Tuesday and Thursday (as long as the powder doesn’t keep us, uh, otherwise occupied).

Because you’ve seen the photos (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?) and now it’s time for you to come ski, fish, hike, dine and drink with us.

Welcome to Montana’s Yellowstone Country.

What do you love about Yellowstone Country? Is it the seasons? The outdoors? The small-town feeling wherever you go? Tell us your comments.