West Bridger Station
West Bridger Station | Yellowstone Country Montana
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West Bridger Station

West Bridger Station

The rustic West Bridger Cabin is located approximately 25 miles southeast of Big Timber, Montana, on the West Bridger Creek.

This 2-room cabin has an electric stove and lights. A wood burning heating stove is also provided. The cabin is supplied with 4 single beds with mattresses, basic cooking and eating supplies, some cleaning gear, an axe, a bucket and a shovel. There is an outdoor pit toilet.

Bring drinking water or treat water out of the creek.

Winter access may require travel by snowmobile, cross-country skis, or snowshoe up to 1 mile on a county road.

Livestock may be kept at the small corral and fenced pasture. Supplemental livestock feed must be certified noxious weed seed free.

Altitude of the cabin is 4,847 feet. Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance. Maximum length of stay is 16 nights. Cabin rent is $25 per night.

For further information contact the Big Timber Ranger District at 406-932-5155.

The cabin, woodshed and access gate are locked with combination locks. Be sure to bring your combination with you.



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