Stop the Car Trading Post
Stop the Car Trading Post | Yellowstone Country Montana
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Stop the Car Trading Post

Stop the Car Trading Post

We are open all year long. In the winter months we are open from 9 am to 5 pm, every day, except on Tuesdays. The store itself is located in front of an original log cabin that has been restored. In the cooler, off-season months, the first thing you will notice when you walk in the door, is the warm and inviting wood stove. You will find at least a couple pots of hot soup going, which can be served in a fresh bread bowl, a vast collection of gourmet coffees to choose from, along with cappuccinos, hot chocolate and wonderful teas.

In the summer months, we are open from 7 am to at least 9 pm... sometimes, later. We sell all sorts of unique Montana-made gifts, art, crafts, daily necessities, groceries, bear spray, walking sticks, post cards, home-made candles and soaps, T-shirts, hats, jewelry, home-made brownies, cookies and muffins, beer, wine, soda, snacks, vintage Yellowstone collectibles, ice cream & ice cream bars, candy, new and used books, maps, campfire wood, warm mittens, winter hats, scrap book materials, fishing flies and supplies, fly rods, fishing licenses, and so much more. Plus, there are many days during the summer, that we have our charcoal grill fired up and cook some of the best hamburgers, hot dogs and polish sausages, at affordable prices. Certain summer nights, you might even find a cozy campfire going out front, where you can sit around and share your Yellowstone daily adventures, with new friends. Please stop in and say hello!


 108 US Highway 212 West
Silver Gate, MT 59081


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