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Safari Yellowstone

Safari Yellowstone invites you to take an authentic African style wildlife and history safari into our first National Park, Yellowstone and its surrounding ecosystem with Yellowstone's Original and Premier Wildlife Safari Company. Since 1983, we have led guests on exciting wildlife safaris throughout the world, and for the past 25 years in the Greater Yellowstone region. Guests will be delighted participating in our year round naturalist/biologist guided 1-7 day wildlife safaris, bear and wolf safaris (viewed 100% since 2000), winter wolf safaris,snowshoeing or cross country skiing excursions, sunrise and sunset safaris (1/2- and full-day), natural and cultural history safaris, day hiking or wilderness walking safaris, photographic safaris, bird watching safaris and more!

Safari Yellowstone caters to guests that are of all ages and abilities. With each safari custom designed and private, just you and a guide, no two safaris are ever the same. We go at your pace not others. Our group sizes range from small to large depending upon the safari. We have the capability to cater to all sizes of parties, from the individual guests who wants to experience the region on their own to larger family re-unions or corporate groups. With the best guides and equipment in the business, the guest is assured to have a memorable and rewarding experience, better known as a 'Greater Yellowstone Experience!'

Journey through this magical place once called 'Wonderland' by early visitors, and learn about why this region was set aside as a national park. Day hike or wilderness walk into spectacular off the beaten path destinations that few visitors experience each year, viewing abundant wildlife, hidden geo thermal areas, pristine mountain lakes, spectacular waterfalls, beautiful wildflowers and much, much more! To enhance your safari, we supply all day hiking equipment, binoculars and spotting scopes.

Experience one of our Wolf and Bear Safaris, rated #1 by park researchers and biologists. Our success rate has been 100% since 2000. Our guides work with some of the world's most respected wolf researchers, allowing guests a closer look into the behaviors of these magnificent creatures. No other tour company in Yellowstone has the close working relationship with the park's researchers that we have. We were the very first tour operator to offer safaris into Yellowstone to concentrate on wolves. Observe the hierarchies of the food chain, gray wolves and grizzly bears, as they interact with other members of the ecosystem (elk, bison, moose, deer, pronghorn and bighorn sheep) as well as amongst each other. Learn as they co-exist all in a setting some call the Serengeti of North America.

Our popular Sunrise or Sunset Wildlife Safaris (1/2- and full-day) travel through wildlife rich portions of Yellowstone at the best times to spot wildlife, early morning or early evening. View all the large mammal species that were present when Lewis & Clark ventured nearby; Pronghorn, black and grizzly bears, gray wolves, elk, bison, moose, bighorn sheep, deer and coyotes.

Join us for a winter adventure in Yellowstone, as it is a true 'Winter Wonderland.' Ski or snowshoe into a winter landscape that is second to none, experiencing wildlife and thermal areas in the solitude and crispness that winter brings to the region. Winter is the season of the wolf, so come and experience these incredible animals during our Winter Wolf Safaris. Travel into Yellowstone's heartland via our heated custom snowcoaches, experiencing the park's steaming geothermal features, frozen waterfalls and spectacular wildlife.

Step-on guides are also available for large or small group tours. Travel in your own vehicle with one of our biologist or naturalists guides.

Join us for one of our many different types of safaris that we offer, and we will make sure that you have a 'Greater Yellowstone Experience'. For more information, please call 1-800-SAFARIS (723-2747) or e-mail


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