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Sitting on the Yellowstone River, Springdale was a railroad station and a stopping place for people on their way to Hunter's Hot Springs in Crow Country. This little community is worth a stop and isn’t far from Livingston's lively downtown shops and eateries.

Springdale is also not far from the 98-acre Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park. Watch this entertaining black-tailed prairie dog colony sound their famous "chirps." Interpretive displays help to tell the story of these small mammals and their role in the prairie ecosystem.

The Springdale school, a local landmark, was built in 1918 and was still the town's focus almost 100 years later but sadly closed down recently after celebrating its centennial.

Springdale Bridge offers a state fishing access site along the Yellowstone River. Camping is permitted with access for camp trailers, and there’s a boat launch on site. There’s great fishing to be had on the Lower Yellowstone River from Livingston to Big Timber, and two of the most popular floats are Pig Farm (off the Mission Creek Road) to Springdale and Springdale to Grey Bear. Both floats present big water so stick to the softer water along the banks and seams.