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Edgar might look like another quiet farming community with one post office, but, as it turns out, Edgar’s quiet the draw. What makes this little place—population about a hundred—a “destination town”? The Edgar Bar! This community gathering place is easy to miss because of its unassuming façade, but folks come from all around—as the saying goes, “No drive is too far to get to the Edgar bar.” This small-town fixture is a true Montana steakhouse, and since the secret’s out about their hand-cut steaks grilled just the way you like them (and their house-made tator tots), you’d be wise to make a reservation.

A century ago, Edgar boasted a boarding stable, meat market, hotel, school, and even the Edgar State Bank. And the town made headlines when Tack Crawford robbed the bank. Today, Edgar is mostly a farming and ranching community a la sugar beets and barley.

Edgar is located near the Crow Indian Reservation and Pryor—the home and gravesite of the well-known Crow Chief, Plenty Coups. From Edgar, it’s only 17 miles of dirt road to Plenty Coups State Park, where a visitor center celebrates the life and times of the famous Crow chief. Visit Chief Plenty Coups State Park for a display of Crow artifacts and history, and a scenic picnic area.