Corwin Springs, Montana

Elevation: 5134 FT

Population: 109

County: Park

Just north of Gardiner—the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park, which happens to be the only entrance to the park that's open in the winter to personal vehicle traffic—you’ll find Corwin Springs. What you’ll also find is the closest spot to the park for a hot springs soak.

It began in 1909 when Dr. Frank Corwin and his business associates built a sanitarium facility and the Corwin Springs Hotel. At the time, Corwin was the resident physician at Chico Hot Springs Resort in Pray, but he had the itch to build his own pools, fashioned after those in Europe. He scratched that itch by building the hotel and pool in Corwin Springs, with water piped in (through wooden pipes) from LaDuke Hot Springs two miles upstream. The hotel served as the hub of Corwin Springs, catering to miners and Yellowstone National Park visitors alike, until it burned down in 1916.

Fast forward to 2018 when Yellowstone Hot Springs opened its pools. This premier hot springs resort boasts a world-class mineral quality equal to the finest spas in Germany and Switzerland. This “must-stop-and-soak” on the banks of the Yellowstone River is just a few miles from the park and features a 3,750-square-foot pool, a hot plunge, a cold plunge, and a Kneipp Walk—a shallow pool designed for wading in alternating hot and cold water, supposedly great for blood circulation. Relax and enjoy mountain views, soaring eagles and your epic Montana moment.

True Story

At night, the original Corwin Springs Hotel twinkled with electric lights and passing tourists thought it looked like a magical fairyland.

Trip tip

You’ve got to stop for a soak at Yellowstone Hot Springs. This is one authentic Montana experience you’ll never forget, and a hot springs soak is the perfect way to end a day of Yellowstone National Park exploration, no matter what time of year it is.

Live Like a Local

Soak it up! (See above.) Hot springs are a local favorite, too. Just another bonus of living the good life in this part of the country.

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