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Not far from the Wyoming line, Bridger is named for famed fur trader and early Yellowstone traveler Jim Bridger. Bridger has reminders, both in monuments and in businesses, of the deep past of the Clark’s Fork River Valley. It’s an interesting place of strong institutions, several National Register-listed historic homes, and local business, and a significant part of the sometimes overlooked history of the Clark’s Fork Valley.

Bridger offers fishing on the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone and leads into the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and Devil's Canyon Overlook where the canyon crosscuts a 1,000-foot-high segment of the fault that makes up the Pryor Mountains. These mountains provide about 300,000 acres of space to roam and recreate. This rugged, desert-like country offers hiking, bird-watching and backcountry driving.

Unlike most small towns in Montana, there’s a tiny little airport in Bridger. But like most small towns in Montana, there’s a saloon. The Dry Creek Saloon, on Main Street, of course, is the local gathering place for food and drink, BINGO, pool, and getting caught up on the goings-on about town.  

Businesses in Bridger