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Notes From the Road: A Guide to Eating Local This Summer

One of the great things about living in and visiting Montana’s Yellowstone Country in the summer is that you have the option to eat locally. With ranches and farms surrounding small towns, and residents raising greens, veggies, bees and chickens in their backyards, it’s easy to find local...

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Notes From the Road: What to Expect at a Yellowstone Country Wedding

The days are getting longer and the sun is consistently shining, which means two things: first, I’ve put away my sweaters for good and, second, it’s wedding season in Montana’s Yellowstone Country. Before I lived here, I was a wedding planner, which means I’ve got some insight into how...

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Notes From the Road: The 8 Best Things about Summer in Yellowstone Country

Though winter is downright heavenly around here, you won’t see me complaining when June 21st hits and summer is officially here. Plus, there are just a few things that are more fun when done without a coat on. Using Your Bike as the Primary Mode of Transportation I’m one of those...

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Notes From the Road: Day Trips to Yellowstone: How to Plan, Prepare and Pack

A lot of travelers come to Montana’s Yellowstone Country for one reason and one reason only: to visit Yellowstone National Park. The sheer enormity of the landscape, the opportunity to see wildlife that you may never see elsewhere and the history of the world’s oldest national park...

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Notes From the Road: Summer Cocktails for Drinking Outdoors

There is nothing I love more than drinking a slightly sweet, refreshing summer cocktail, preferably on an outdoor patio or my own back porch here in Montana’s Yellowstone Country (hey, you gotta take the vitamin D whenever you can get it, whether by drinking or by sunning). Here are my...

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