The Montana Beyond Yellowstone National Park

It’s not like the raw splendor of Yellowstone National Park just quits at the park boundary—it spills on for miles, encompassing a corner of Montana we call Yellowstone Country.

Here, mountain ranges jut into the big sky, presiding over adventure outposts like Bozeman, Big Sky, and Red Lodge. Hot springs, rivers, deep powder, art galleries, good food and endless trails—that’s Yellowstone Country.


Chart your path through Montana's Yellowstone Country with Notes From The Road, articles dedicated to helping you make your Yellowstone Country experience the best adventure you've ever had.


Drive, gawk, hike, gawk, camp, gawk, fish, gawk, stars, gawk, sigh, Montana.

Chuck Adams, Laramie, WY

There will be a Bozeman, Montana in my heaven. I am madly in love with this part of Montana.

Lesa Pribyl, Barcelona, Spain

Every time I come to Yellowstone Country, my world gets a little bit bigger.

Beth Stoops, Redwood City, CA