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Notes From the Road: Springtime Drives: Bozeman to Livingston

One of the great joys of living in Montana’s Yellowstone Country is the scenery. Biking down Main Street or even just sitting on my back porch often rewards me with 360 degree views of four different mountain ranges. And even just a drive to the grocery store leaves me saying to myself, “I...

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Notes From the Road: The Kinds of Men You’ll Meet in Montana’s Yellowstone Country

In preparation for your next trip to a Yellowstone Country public establishment (re: bar), I’ve done the dirty work of uncovering and identifying many of the wild male species that roam unbridled through the streets. Have a look (and maybe have a laugh) and see if you meet any of these usual...

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Notes From the Road: Finally, Fly Fishing.

I know. You all want me to tell you that the best fly fishing is in the summer, because that’s when the weather is wonderful and the water feels fantastic for wading. Which, I guess, could be the definition of great fly fishing. But if you’re looking for guaranteed bites and a relatively...

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The Upside of Montana’s Yellowstone Country

Around the time of the Super Bowl, I saw this commercial for a Cadillac ELR, their newest hybrid car, featuring Neil McDonough (that actor on TV shows that you recognize but never actually know his name). I remember clicking on it from a social media site (probably Facebook) because one of my...

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Notes From the Road: Closing Dates: Is Ski Season REALLY Almost Over?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news (and after a snow-filled winter, it really is bad news) but … the ski hills are closing! The ski hills are closing! If you’re still trying to get a few turns in (did you read the post about why spring skiing is my favorite?), here are the closing dates for the...

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