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Notes From the Road: Hunter’s Hot Springs: Ghosts of Hot Springs Past

I’m not sure I actually knew how much of a “thing” the hot springs were to Montana’s Yellowstone Country residents until I actually moved here. It seemed like every night of the week (especially in the winter), someone was trying to get me to go soaking (and at a cheap $5 per soak, it’s...

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Notes From the Road: The Best Sports You’ve Never Heard Of: Downhill Biking

When I first moved to Montana’s Yellowstone Country, I’d heard the mountain biking was the stuff of legends. I don’t even really know what makes mountain biking legendary, but suffice it to say, the mountain biking around these parts was going to blow my mind. (Really, if I managed to complete...

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Notes From the Road: Local Music for Your Nighttime Enjoyment

Spring is my favorite season to pull on a jean skirt and a pair of cowboy boots and do some stomping to some local bands. And while we occasionally get big name headliners in Montana’s Yellowstone Country, I’m just as happy to put back a cold one (or two or three) and get swung around by an...

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Notes From the Road: Eating and Cuddling Do Not Healthy Lungs Make

The first 60-degree day in Montana’s Yellowstone Country is what I call the, “Day of Hope.” People walk around in flip flops and t-shirts, only visiting establishments where there are outdoor patios and wearing their sunglasses inside and out. It’s like there’s hope that someday, somehow,...

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Notes From the Road: Women You’ll Meet in Yellowstone Country

A few weeks ago, we talked about all the men you’ll meet in Montana’s Yellowstone Country (for better or for worse). Now, it’s time to give you a glimpse into the lives of the women of Yellowstone Country—and how to identify them in the wild with their own signature speak. The Girl Who...

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