Find things to do or see in Montana Find An Event Bozeman Doc Series: “The Islands and the Whales”

Mar 23

Fri Mar 23 2018

07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

In the remote Faroe Islands, an archipelago located halfway between Norway and Iceland, inhabitants have been in tune with their environment for millennia. With a rugged landscape not suited for farming, they have relied on the sea for their survival, enjoying a traditional diet of seabirds, pilot whales and fish. But when they are faced with rising mercury levels in their food, as well as the clamor of international animal-rights activists, the Faroese may be forced to change their ancient ways. Powerful documentary combining gorgeous cinematography, immersive sound and extraordinary access to characters on all sides of the story, The Islands and the Whales paints a riveting portrait of the struggle between tradition and modernity in this little known corner of the world.

Location: Emerson Center 111 South Grand Avenue Bozeman, MT

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