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Notes from the Road: Snowmobiling in Cooke City

  Notes from the Road: Snowmobiling in Cooke City   I have to disclaim here that I’m not a snowmobiler (though it is on my 2014 Bucket List of things to do). So when I noticed that I wasn’t giving Montana’s Yellowstone Country its due on being an unbelievable destination...

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Notes from the Road: 5 Yellowstone Country Gifts to Give to Your Valentine

A nice dinner out and flowers are all wonderful things to gift your special someone on Valentine’s Day. But what if you already give flowers frequently, you need a little treat for the kids or you’re sick of being clichéd? Below, we’ve rounded up eight of the best ways to show to the...

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Notes From the Road: Calamity Jane: Yellowstone Country Legend

We’ve all heard of Calamity Jane, right? Perhaps you’ve even nicknamed your two-year-old "Calamity Jane" after her destructive tendencies. Or perhaps you were just a big Bonanza fan (hey, no judgments here). What you probably don’t know is that Calamity Jane’s life of, well, calamity, took...

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Notes From the Road: Tracking Wolverines in Montana’s Yellowstone Country

It’s quite possible that my middle school was the least cool place to attend middle school in all the country. Not only were the green tile walls and the asbestos-laden classrooms detrimental to my health (though in fairness, they’ve likely been renovated), my coolest experience was getting to...

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Notes from the Road: Ski Slang to Keep You Young

I’m not a die-hard skier. Given the option, I’ll likely call it quits after a few runs in bad weather, even if the snow is, "Better than it’s been all season," (which it basically is, every time it snows). I enjoy the ritual of waking up early, getting into the lift line when the snow is still...

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