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Notes from the Road: Ski Slang to Keep You Young

I’m not a die-hard skier. Given the option, I’ll likely call it quits after a few runs in bad weather, even if the snow is, "Better than it’s been all season," (which it basically is, every time it snows). I enjoy the ritual of waking up early, getting into the lift line when the snow is still...

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Notes from the Road: How To Visit A Yellowstone Country Town

  Notes from the Road: How To Visit A Yellowstone Country Town   Visiting a small town, like visiting a big city, requires a reframing of perspective. If you were visiting New York City, you’d likely walk a little faster, talk a little more brusquely. While visiting Atlanta,...

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Notes from the Road: Love Knows No Boundaries (Except for Skiing)

"Come on. You just have to lean back and keep your ski tips out of the snow." I looked up at him, squinting spite through the layer of snow that coated my goggles, pausing only to let my mouth go slightly agape in disbelief, before continuing the struggle to extract my skis from their snowy...

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Notes from the Road: The 5 Best Cross-Country Ski Trails in Yellowstone Country

  As evidenced by my escapades a few weeks ago, I’m not the world’s best cross-country skier. Since I’ve been practicing my technique on a few easy trails around Bozeman and Livingston, I sat down with a friend of mine who has possibly skied every groomed trail in Montana’s...

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Notes from the Road: How to Fish in the Winter

  (Author’s note: I had this conversation in the Griz, an après-ski bar at the base of Bridger Bowl. Or, as an acquaintance once told me, "That place where all the hippie ski bums hang out." Which offended me for a moment until I realized that it was the first time in my life that...

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